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Dr. Allnutt

Are you frustrated with your current family doctor's office? (We hear this all the time from new patients who have decided to switch to our office.) When you call other family doctors offices, the telephone system puts you through a marathon of unwanted choices, and then often just allows you to leave a message, so someone can call you back later on, and sometimes they never do. And when you call back for lab results, they stall and say the doctor hasn't looked at them yet, and say they will call you back in a few days. Sometimes they never call you back.

Well at our office, we have no telephone menu system. Our receptionist answers the phone and says, " Hello, this is Independence Family Practice, how may I help you?" And when you call for lab results, we usually call you back that same day. Refills? We usually take care of these the same day. We are dedicated to our patients, and pride ourselves in our delivery of quality heath care.

"I'd like to make your visit to my office as comfortable as possible."

Office Hours:

Monday 8AM-5PM

Tuesday 8AM-5PM

Wednesday 8AM-5PM

Thursday 8AM-12PM

Friday 8AM-5PM

Directions to Office

From the North (Cincinnati, Ft. Wright, Ft. Mitchell)

Directions from I-275 to Dr. Allnutt's office

(just a ten minute drive)

1. From the Covington Independence exit (Exit 80) of I-275 (just south of Covington), head south on Madison Pike.

2. Travel south on Madison Pike for 6.2 miles. (You will travel through a large cut in the hill and go through one traffic light at the top of the hill.

3.Turn right on McCullum Road (the second stop light after you have gone through the cut in the hill)

4. Proceed on McCullum for 0.7 mile until it dead end into old Madison Pike.

5. Make a left at the intersection, and pass the Independence Courthouse on the left, and just 0.1 miles later my office is on the left.

6. The building is a new reddish brown brick Victorian with two one story turrets on the front.

From the West (Florence, Union)

Directions from I-75 to Dr. Allnutt's office

(Just a 10 minute drive)

1. From the Mount Zion Road exit on I-75 (south of Florence), head east on Mount Zion Road (Route 536

2. Travel on Route 536 East for 2.3 miles, until a stop sign.

3. At this stop sign, proceed straight on Route 536 East. This is now Bristow Road.

4. Proceed on this section for 2.2 miles. You will go over a bridge above some railroad tracks and then you pass a farm called Caintuckee Acres on your left

5. At the next stop sign, make a left onto Independence Road (Route 2045 East.)

6. Proceed on this road up the hill for 1.3 miles.

7. The next stop sign will be at Madison Pike directly across from my office.

8.Look both ways, then cross Madison Pike and park in my parking lot. The building is a new reddish brown brick Victorian with two one story turrets on the front

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"Dr. Allnutt's staff is friendly and call me back quickly with test results." T.M.

"I want a doctor who is smart, cares, and runs on time. I've found him in Dr. Allnutt."   M.W.

"My friends can't believe that I never have to wait and always get to see my doctor on every visit."  A.S.

We are located at

5290 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41051 859-363-8600